The use of social media is expanding rapidly. Like many individuals and organisations, Metropol Doctors @ Carindale are embracing user-generated content, such as social networking, websites, discussion forums and message boards, blogs and microblogs to engage with our key markets. Whether an online activity is able to be viewed by the public or is limited to a specific group of people, as health professionals, we need to maintain professional standards and be aware of the implications of our actions, as in all professional circumstances. We need to be aware that information circulated on social media may end up in the public domain, and remain there, irrespective of the intent at the time of posting. As such, this Policy aims to clarify our approach to the use of social media platforms and the expectations on our employees and contractors.


This Policy applies to all employees, service providers of Metropol Doctors @ Carindale (“we, us or our”). Other than what is set out in the ‘Social Media for personal purposes’ section of this Policy, this Policy does not apply to employees’/contractors’ personal use of social media. This Policy does not form part of the employment agreement between Metropol Doctors @ Carindale and any of its employees.

For the purposes of this Policy, ‘social media’ means websites and internet-based applications used for social networking/interaction, sharing of information/content and creation of communities through online networks of people. Examples of social media to which this Policy relates includes (but is not limited to) the following (‘social media channels’):

  • Social networking sites e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram ect
  • Video and photo sharing sites e.g. YouTube, Flickr,
  • Weblogs including corporate blogs and personal blogs
  • Forums and discussion boards
  • Online encyclopaedias such as Wikipedia
  •  Any other websites that allow individual users or companies to use simple publishing tools

Metropol Doctors @ Carindale embraces social media as an important tool for stakeholder engagement. We encourage our employees, Board members and those members representing our organisation in a contract capacity to engage in social media platforms as a way to reach out and develop their personal and professional networks.

As an employee, Board member or contractor of Metropol Doctors @ Carindale, you must take care to clarify whom you are representing when using social media. You are expected to take responsibility for the accuracy and appropriateness of what you say in any social media communications which reference Metropol Doctors @ Carindale or our related activities, or from which communications our organisation could reasonably be identified.

Social Media for Business Purposes

Each and every one of us can contribute to spreading the positive Metropol Doctors @ Carindale messages through social media channels and as such, we strongly encourage all of our employees, doctors and contractors to like, share and comment on our social media content. It is important however, to do so whilst adhering to the terms set out in this Policy.

You must have approval from owner/ director of Metropol Doctors @ Carindale before you are permitted to represent Metropol Doctors @ Carindale on social media channels by communicating (‘posting’) on social media sites on the organisation’s behalf. When you post information or material (‘content’) on social media sites on behalf of Metropol Doctors @ Carindale you must:

  • Ensure that the content you post is factually accurate and complies with relevant organisational policies.
  •  Ensure that the content you post does not constitute legal or medical advice or fall outside of your area of knowledge or expertise.
  • Ensure the you are not providing medical advice to patients or potential patients when commenting or sharing posts.
  • Ensure that the content you post is not obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or hateful to another person or entity, including our organisation, our employees, contractors, partners, patients or competitors and/or other business-related individuals or organisations.
  • Ensure that the content you post is not confidential or commercially sensitive to our organisation, our employees, contractors, patients, partners, competitors and/or other business-related individuals or organisations, or otherwise inappropriate for communication via these channels.
  • Ensure that the content you post does not include another person’s personal information without their express written consent.
  • Ensure that the content you post does not breach applicable legislation including laws relating to copyright, privacy, financial disclosure, discrimination/equal opportunity and defamation.
  • Be respectful of all individuals and communities with whom/which you interact online.
  • Be polite and respectful of others’ opinions.
  • health providers involved in the relevant patient’s care which may include surgeons, nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, audiologists, podiatrists and the ambulance service etc.

Permitted posts relating to our organisation’s activities via social media channels will generally be:

  • Part of a marketing strategy developed by the Marketing and Communications Team.
  • Part of an overall communication strategy targeting specific stakeholder groups.
  • Part of an approved approach to communicating information regarding our organisation to its patients and wider healthcare community e.g. updates via Face book, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn groups on Metropol Doctors @ Carindale happenings.


Social Media for Personal Purposes

We acknowledge that, generally, activities carried on outside of your employment are your own affair. However, activities that impact on or affect your job performance, the performance of others, or our organisationl business interests or reputation or those of our doctors or patients are a proper focus for our organisational policy. Accordingly, in your personal use of social media you must follow these guidelines:

  • You must not refer to Metropol Doctors @ Carindale or its employees, contractors, doctors or patients in a derogatory or negative manner.
  • If you cite Metropol Doctors @ Carindale in your employment or professional profiles you must ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.
  • You must not ‘tag’ or identify as relating to Metropol Doctors @ Carindale, any images or videos taken at of our events and social occasions, without prior written approval from the director/business owner. This will include, for example, photographs of supplier or industry related events/conferences in which the Metropol Doctors @ Carindale’ logo is visible.
  • If you have a personal blog and wish to post content referring to our organisation or from which Metropol Doctors @ Carindale could reasonably be identified, you must ensure that the owner/director of the organization approve the content before you post it.
  • You must not represent any social media posts as being the views of our organisation without consent from it’s owner/director.
  • You must not engage in conduct online that is likely to bring our organisation or the Metropol Doctors @ Carindale name into disrepute or otherwise damage our interests.
  • You must not engage in conduct that would breach any of our organisational policies including but not limited to policies proscribing discrimination, harassment and bullying.
  • Using Social Media platforms for personal purposes during work hours must be kept to a reasonable minimum.

Remember that no expectations of privacy can be held when it comes to content, and information stored or posted in the social media environment. Even if information is intended to be private, it may enter the public domain and become viral.
Breach of Policy
Social Media usage may be monitored. We expect you to comply with this Policy at all times. If you are found to have breached this Policy, you may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the applicable Policy. The type and severity of disciplinary action will depend upon the circumstances of the case and the seriousness of the breach. In serious cases, this may include termination of employment, and legal actions if required.
Effective Date
This Policy will remain in effect until such time as it is superseded/revised by a newer version.
Review Date
February 2024
Authorizing title: Director/Owner Manager
Further Assistance
Further information regarding this Policy can be obtained by contacting your Manager/Director of the organization.

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