Our Fees

Bulk billing categories and Hours:

Metropol Doctors is a mixed billing service.

The patient must pay for all appointments at the time of visit by credit card or cash.

Metropol Doctors uses an internet-based billing system; therefore, we process your claim to Medicare on the same day and have your rebate paid into your nominated account within a few days.

Patient group

Children (15 years of age or under)

Pension card holders (65years of age or over)

Bulk billing time

From 08.30am to 03.00pm (Monday to Friday only)

From 08.30am to 03.00pm (Monday to Friday only)

Private billing charges (Monday to Friday):

Appointment type (Length)Total fee ($) week daysTotal fee ($) Saturday/Public HolidaysMedicare rebate ($)
Short appointment (less than 05min)62.3572.3518.95
Regular appointment (15min)84.6594.6541.20
Long appointment (15-30min)131.75141.7580.10
Prolong appointment (40min or over)170.65180.65118.00

** Telephone consultations will be conducted preferably only for 15 min and will be charged Full price as general consult.

** Wound dressings and any other procedures performed by the nurse will be charged for consumables used. 

** Contact our clinic to know our charges for Skin cancer checks and procedures.

** All prices listed on this website are subject to change from time to time as per management decision.

** There is a fee of $40.00 for appointments if you do not attend your appointment without prior notice. (This fee needs to be paid prior to your next appointment)

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