Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease

Healthcare assessments / Chronic disease management

Care plans are being designed in our clinic to optimise chronic disease management of our patients.  Patients that have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition that is likely to be present for six months or longer are eligible for a care plan.

Patients with Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and mental health conditions, can benefit from a care plan. It identifies, and sets out services to be provided by your General Practitioner (GP), and lists the actions that you need to take until your next review date. These plans are provided with the assistance of our nursing team working in conjunction with your GP.

 In addition to the care plan, your GP may also put you in a team care arrangement if he/she feels your condition could benefit from referrals to at least two other health professionals who will also provide specific treatment for your condition. 

 Please speak to your GP if you feel you could benefit from similar ongoing care.

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