24Hr Blood pressure monitoring

24Hr Blood pressure monitoring

Among various other services available, our medical centre equipped with 24 hour monitoring facility. While you living your normal day, small pocket held machine record your blood pressure within regular intervals over 24Hr.

This helps your GP or Heart specialist to understand how your blood pressure fluctuates over the time even when you sleep.

There are many reasons why your GP may consider 24Hr ABPM.

Few of them are:

  • To know how high your blood pressure reading are over 24hr
  • To know if your blood pressure levels are low outside the medical centre – to exclude “white coat effect”.
  • To review and regulate your medication according to how your blood pressure varies during the day.

When your blood pressure data is collected, we book you for a 30min appointment to explain results and discuss management with you.

Talk to your GP if you are on of our patients or make an appointment to see one of our doctors’ if you are not registered with us. 

(**Test cost + refundable Deposit to be paid upfront)

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