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Welcome to Metropol Doctors!

Metropol Doctors is a family friendly general practice. Our doctors had been serving Carindale and the surrounding suburbs for over last 15 years. Our team is committed to provide personalised, comprehensive and coordinated medical care, and our services are accessible to the whole community.


Our Services

Skin Care

Our General Practitioners (GPs) use a dermatoscope to assess any concerning skin lesions.

Iron Infusion

Iron infusion is described as a method of iron delivery into your body intravenously.

Health Check

We perform a comprehensive needs analysis, by addressing all of your health and social concerns when you pass 75 age.

Mums & Bubs Health

Our General Practitioners (GPs) are trained to provide pre, ante and post-natal care.

Mirena and Implanon

Mirena and Implanon are two types of contraception that are done by certified GPs only.

Immunisation / Vaccine

Metropol Doctors has the ability to provide you with any travel related health advice.

Chronic Disease

Care plans are being designed in our clinic to optimise chronic disease management of our patients.

Mental Health

We address the physical illness but encompass the mental wellbeing aspect because the two are very often linked.

24Hr Blood pressure monitoring

Among various other services available, our medical centre equipped ..


Trusted Specialist Doctors

Over the years of experience, we learnt to listen, care and to know our patients. We believe in empowering our patients with reliable information and supporting them with highest possible level of clinical care to deliver patient-cantered service.


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